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American Bulldogs are brawny, stout and strong; they have thick and athletic legs that are more brisk and swift when compared to the English Bulldog.

Male American Bulldogs are distinctively sturdy and muscular than the females. This breed has a large head with powerful jaws and ears that may be dropped, cropped, rose or semi-prick.

American Bulldog Johnson Type 0

American Bulldog Johnson Type

American Bulldogs are another breed of dog from the Bulldog family; they have a goofy, stubborn and playful attitude, which makes them a great companion pet. This guide will however focus on the American Bulldog Johnson type.

Lifespan of an American Bulldog 0

Lifespan of an American Bulldog: Life Expectancy

American Bulldogs are wonderful breed of dog, from the Bulldog family; one of their core traits is their strong body physique, gentle demeanor, beautiful appearance and loyalty. This guide will comprehensively discuss the lifespan of an American Bulldog, the possible health issues to look out for, how to take care of your do etc.