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The French Bulldog comes from the English Bulldog. The English Bulldog were carefully bred for the bull-baiting sport, they were favorites for this sport due to their strong jaws and muscular bodies.

The English Bulldogs were bred for bullfighting in the early 1800s; however, in 1835, the bull-fighting or bull-baiting sport was banned by the government of England.

Long Haired French Bulldogs 0

Long Haired French Bulldogs

Long haired French Bulldogs are the same as other French Bulldogs, they have the same size, shape and bat-like ears; what differentiates them from other type of Frenchies is their hair.

HOW TO: Breeding a French Bulldog 0

HOW TO: Breeding a French Bulldog

Breeding a French Bulldog is not actually an easy task because this requires a whole lot of mental focus and ‘parental’ care. If you are looking forward to breeding this amazing Frenchies, there are...