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Blue English Bulldog 0

Blue English Bulldog

Looking for a guide on Blue English Bulldog, we got you covered on this as you will learn all you need to know about this beautiful dog.

Brindle English Bulldogs 0

Brindle English Bulldogs

This is a guide that will walk you through a particular color the English bulldogs – brindle color. The brindle English bulldogs are not different from other English bulldogs; their difference only lies in their unique and beautiful color.

American Bulldog Johnson Type 0

American Bulldog Johnson Type

American Bulldogs are another breed of dog from the Bulldog family; they have a goofy, stubborn and playful attitude, which makes them a great companion pet. This guide will however focus on the American Bulldog Johnson type.

Black and White English Bulldogs 0

Bulldog Colors: Black and White English Bulldogs

This is a guide on black and white Bulldogs. These beautiful dogs have black and white fur. In some cases white is the major color, while having black markings; while in other cases, black is the major color while having white markings.